Have you ever felt lost in your Christian walk?

Do you desire a fresh fire for God and the Kingdom of Heaven?

Are you seeking mentorship and accountability?

Have you ever wished someone provided you with a blueprint or roadmap in life?

So have I. 

No matter how many books I've read or what research I've done, I've yet to find a step-by-step tutorial on how to succeed in this Christian walk. The 'Type A' in me hates this. I want to get things right the first time, but I'm increasingly aware of my need for grace.

The more aware I am the more thankful I am that God gives it freely and without merit.


Do you want to know what has helped my relationship with Christ?

This is my 'secret to success'...


...drumroll, please...

Lean in a little closer...


That's it. Super simple. I have an inner circle of folks who are "running the race toward the high mark", seeking God for themselves, praying and fasting on my behalf, and are present in my life. My greatest moments of accountability have happened just from watching them move intentionally in the direction of Jesus. 

I'm here to do the same for you. I created Journey to Joy specifically with you in mind. To build a community where you could flourish

Actually, God did this and I'm just the vessel He's using to get the info to you! God wants you to know how special you are to Him, how much He loves and cares about you. You're the apple of His eye, His joy! He'll do whatever it takes to help you.  

Journey to Joy is for you.


This is a place where I get to think out loud, but it is so much more than a blog. It's a resource, a place of accountability, a point of contact, a compass guiding you to true north, a family

I'm so glad you're here and I'm excited to walk this journey with you!

 xo, Kimberly

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